After you use the Stretch Deploy command for a VM or vApp, you can track its progress in the Tasks panel.

When you start the Stretch Deploy command, a main task named Stretch Deploy appears in the Tasks panel. The Stretch Deploy command has three phases and there is a corresponding sub-task for each phase:

Infrastructure task

Copy task

Deploy task

These tasks appear in the Tasks panel as the Stretch Deploy command progresses through each phase.

The progress bar on the main Stretch Deploy task displays the cumulative progress of all the sub-tasks.


In vCloud Connector, view the Tasks panel on the right.

You can select the All, Running, or Failed tab to view tasks in each category.


Click on the main Stretch Deploy task or one of its sub-tasks (Infrastructure, Copy, or Deploy) to view details about the task.

The center panel changes to a Tasks panel and displays a table of all tasks.


Click on a task.

Details about the task appear below the table. This helps you determine the cause of failed tasks.

See Stretch Deploy Phases for details about each phase of the Stretch Deploy command.