You can access log files for a vCloud Connector Server or vCloud Connector Node instance through its console.

Server log files are in the /opt/vmware/hcserver/logs directory. Node log files are in the /opt/vmware/hcagent/logs directory.

Node log files are divided by organization.


If you are using a public cloud, you can only access your own log files, not those of other organizations in the cloud.


If you are using a multi-tenant vCloud Connector Node deployed by a public vCloud Service Provider or private vCloud Director system administrator, you do not have access to the Node console. See Accessing Log Files for a Multi-tenant Node.


In your vSphere Client or vCloud Director cloud, open the Server or Node instance console and log on as admin.

The default password is vmware.


Go to the hcserver or hcagent directory.

cd /opt/vmware/hcserver/logs

cd /opt/vmware/hcagent/logs


View the hcs.log file (for vCloud Connector Server) or hca.log file (for vCloud Connector Node).

Older log files are in a zip file in the same directory.

For vCloud Connector Node, organization-specific log files are in /opt/vmware/hcagent/logs/<Organization>/.

Tomcat log files are named catalina.<Date>.log.