To enable advanced features available in vCloud Connector 2.0 Advanced edition (Content Sync and Datacenter Extension, also referred to as Stretch Deploy), you need to enter a valid vCloud Suite 5.1 license key.

You have installed vCloud Connector. You have a valid vCloud Suite 5.1 license key.


Go to the vCloud Connector Server Admin Web console at https://vCCServer_IPaddress:5480.

You can get the IP address of the vCloud Connector Server from its console in the vSphere or vCloud Director cloud in which you installed it.


Log on as admin. If you have not changed the password, use vmware, the default password.


Click the Server tab, then click the General tab.


In the vCC License section, type the license key.


Click Update Key.

Advanced features in vCloud Connector are now enabled. You can access them in the vCloud Connector UI.