You can install vCloud Connector Server in vCloud Director 5.1.

You must have at least Organization Administrator access in the vCloud Director cloud on which you install the vCloud Connector Server.


If you install vCloud Connector Server in a public cloud, you can only connect to public clouds in your vCloud Connector UI.


Before you can deploy a vCloud Connector Server in a vCloud Director 5.1 cloud, you must upload the virtual appliance to a catalog as a vApp template. You do not need to upload an additional template if a template is already uploaded to a master catalog that multiple organizations share.


After the vCloud Connector Server is added to the vCloud Director 5.1 cloud as a template, you can use it to create a running instance on that cloud.


If you select a NAT-based network connection when you deploy your vCloud Connector Server, you need to set up NAT mapping and firewall rules.