Before you place vCloud Connector into production use, you must prepare it for a full production environment.


If you have not yet replaced the self-signed certificates in your vCloud Connector Server and vCloud Connector Nodes, you need to do so before production use.


In some cases, you need to upload certificates from the command line.


When you add valid certificates and enable SSL for a vCloud Connector Node, you must also import the corresponding Certificate Authority (CA) root certificate into the trusted keystore of the vCloud Connector Server and all other vCloud Connector Nodes.


Copy operations rely on staging storage when you copy resources between clouds. To successfully copy resources, make sure you have enough storage in your vSphere and vCloud Director clouds.


In vCloud Connector, you can start multiple tasks at the same time. By default, vCloud Connector executes a maximum of 10 concurrent tasks per vCloud Connector Node, that is, per cloud. If you specify more than 10 tasks, the first 10 tasks are executed concurrently. When a task finishes, the next one in the queue is executed.