After you install a vCloud Connector Node for a cloud, you need to register it with the cloud.

In a public or private vCloud Director environment in which one vCloud Connector Node is deployed as a multi-tenant node for use by multiple organizations, the system administrator of the cloud performs this task.

The vCloud Connector Node is powered on and you have its IP address.


Go to the vCloud Connector Node Admin Web console at https://<vCCNode_IP_address>:5480.


Log on as admin. If you have not changed the password, use vmware, the default password.


Click the Node tab, then the Cloud tab.


In the Cloud Type field, select the type of cloud in which the vCloud Connector Node is installed: vSphere or vCloud Director.


In the Cloud URL field, specify the URL of the cloud. You can specify either the IP address of the cloud or its fully qualified domain name (FQDN):


For example:


For example:


Select Ignore SSL Certificate if the cloud does not have a valid SSL certificate.


If the cloud has a valid certificate, deselect this option. Also, import the root certificate of the Certificate Authority that issued the cloud's certificate into the trusted keystore of the vCloud Connector Node. See Add CA Root Certificate to Trusted Keystore for information on importing the certificate.


Select Use Proxy if there is an HTTP proxy server between the vCloud Connector Node and the cloud.


If you select this option, you must also specify proxy settings in the Network - Proxy tab.


Click Update Configuration.

The vCloud Connector Node is registered with the cloud.

Configure your vCloud Connector Node by using the settings in the other tabs of the vCloud Connector Node Admin Web console.