The Timeline view shows the device action history as a timeline.

You can display historical actions selectively by setting the action filters. See Filter the Timeline View by Action Type.

Circles represent tasks. The color of the circle represents the task status.

Task Status Color Coding


Task Status


Task is in progress


Task completed successfully


Task failed


Task completed with a warning

When a task or steady state action takes a long time to complete, a bar of the same color replaces the action icon, showing its execution time relative to the timeline.

Other action types such as incremental uploads, steady state, snapshots, events, or audit events, are represented by symbols that resemble the icons used for filtering. See Historical Action Type Filters.

Multiple actions that occurred at or around the same time are grouped as one icon with a circled number indicating the number of actions that the icon summarizes.

Icons of the same action type are lined up at a different heights above the timeline, in their chronological order. For example, events appear at one height, and audit events at another.