After logging in, the Select User and Device window appears, where you perform a quick search for devices for which you want to view action history. You can then select a device immediately, or from an expanded list of candidate devices in the advanced search.


In the Search text box of the Select User and Device window, type a character string that the user name or device includes.

The string must contain at least two characters, which can occur anywhere in the name. If you press Enter without typing anything in the Search text box, the full list of all the users and devices in the system appears.

A quick search list of up to four user names and their corresponding devices appears. If a user name is associated with more than one device, all the devices are listed for that user name.


If the user and device that you want is in the quick search list, click its device link.


If the user and device you want is not in the list and you want to see more results, do the following:


Point to the Search text box and press Enter.

A list of all user or device names that match the search string appears in the Advanced Search window search results.

If you scroll past the fourth result in the list, the focus returns to the Search text box.


Locate the name that you want in the list and press Enter.


To perform a new quick search, click the Plus icon in the left-side panel and repeat steps 1 through 3.

If you selected to perform an extended search, continue the procedure as described for advanced search. See Perform an Advanced Search.

After you select a device, you can view its action history in the Device History and Information window. See Working with Device Information.