The Failed to Complete Upload tile provides a first level indication of protection problems.

The Failed to Complete Upload tile shows how many devices, centralizing or centralized, have protection problems:

How many CVDs did not finish backing up the first time during the past week.

How many CVDs completed centralization but did not back up for more than one week.


A statistic that is greater than the configured threshold appears with a red warning indicator. The thresholds can be configured in the dashboard’s web.config file by adjusting the DashboardKpiCentralizationNotFinishedCount and DashboardKpiNotBackedUpCount values, respectively.

Click in the tile to show a pie chart with details of the top five error types that occurred during the last week, month, or six months:

The legend shows the top five problem types that stopped uploads from completing during the time frame.

The pie chart shows the relative proportion of each of these problem types in the time frame. Remaining error types, if any, that are present in the time frame are aggregated as Other.

CVDs that were suspended or not connected during the indicated time frame are not represented in the pie chart. The number of these CVDs is indicated at the bottom of the chart.

You can view error information in terms of:

CVDs that did not complete centralization (Centralization)

CVDs that did not finish backup (Backed up)

Both (default)