You can present the device’s action history in a timeline.


Select the Timeline View icon Timeline View icon.

All action types are initially filtered into the history.


Point in the vicinity of icons to open balloons of information about the underlying actions.

The icons are all of the same type, located on the same height above the timeline. Up to three icon or icon group information balloons can appear.

For an icon representing one action, information about that action appears. Each action type has its own information set.

For a grouped icon, the balloon lists the actions grouped by that icon. The state of each action is shown. The color of the icon represents the worst case action. For example, if two actions are designated with Warning and one with Failure, the icon is red.


Click a grouped icon to limit the timeline zoom range.

The Timeline view shows the date range of the associated actions.


Click an individual action listed in a balloon to see its detailed information set.

The parameters differ according to the action type.


Click the right-left arrow icons to scroll to the next or previous action in chronological order on the timeline.