If you did not select a device from the quick search results and asked for more results, the Advanced Search window search results window appears showing the full results of the string search, or all users and devices in the system if no string was specified.

You can now select a user and device, or refine the advanced search further.

An advanced search searches simultaneously for Username, Device Name, Device ID and CVD ID instead of only Username and Device Name in the quick search. The results of an advanced search replace existing quick search results.

You can sort search results for any column name by clicking the column header.

When a sort is by User Name, the default, devices are grouped in the list with their associated users.

When the list is sorted by Device, user names are grouped with their associated device.


Type the search string for the advanced search in the text box at the top-right of the window, in the same way as for a quick search.

The results appear immediately.

In an advanced search, you can specify a nested search based on two search strings by separating the individual strings in the text box with a space. For example:

Typing as ti searches for “as” or “ti” in usernames or device names.

Typing username, space, device name, identifies a specific username and device name.


You can perform another advanced search.

Click the Plus icon in the left-side panel.

In the Select User or Device window (quick search), press Enter without typing anything.

In the Advanced Search window, type the new advanced search string.

After you select a device, you can view its action history in the Device History and Information window. See Working with Device Information.