When the Horizon View pool creation operation is finished, multiple pending devices appear in the Horizon Mirage management console

Verify that all the virtual machines in the pool are powered on.


Use the Horizon View Administrator to disable the newly created pool.

This action prevents users from logging in to their Horizon View desktops while the centralization process is underway.


On the Common Wizards node, select the Centralize Endpoint wizard to create CVDs for all the devices in the newly created pool.


Filter by using the name pattern you defined when you created the Horizon View desktop pool to select all the devices in the newly created pool.


Select the Optimize for Horizon View policy.


Select the base layer that you previously created.


Select the app layer that contains the Horizon View Agent, if you created one.


(Optional) Select other common app layers to deploy to the desktops.


Create a dynamic collection that contains all the CVDs in the pool, using the same filter you used in step Step 2a.

This dynamic collection will be useful when you apply updates to the entire pool. If you did not use a name pattern, you can create a static collection and add the CVDs manually.

After this process is finished, an Assign Base Layer task is created. Follow the progress of this layer creation to monitor the centralization process. When the task is complete, the CVDs have completed centralization and the machines are ready for use. See the Horizon Mirage Administrator's Guide.

Enable the newly created pool.