To set up SSL on the Horizon Mirage server, you must obtain SSL certificate values and configure them on the server. SSL Certificates is a Windows feature.


Horizon Mirage does not support wildcard certificates on the Mirage server.

Both the Mirage server and the Mirage Edge server uses the local Computer Store. Ensure that the certificates are installed in the local Computer Trust Store.


Open the Windows Management Console, add the Certificates snap-in, and select the local computer account.


Select Certificates > Personal > Certificates to navigate to your certificate.


If you do not have a certificate, create one with tools such as the Microsoft makecert, and import the result into the Certificate Manager.


Note the Certificate Subject and Issuer values.

The certificate values appear in the details of the certificate you imported.

For the Horizon Mirage server, continue to the server installation procedure to enter the SSL certificate values. See Install the Server.

For the Horizon Mirage Edge server, continue to the Edge server installation procedure. See Install the Horizon Mirage Edge Server.