Before you begin the upgrade process, you must perform certain pre-upgrade steps.

For more information about backing up the MS SQL database, see Using SQL Server Management Studio in the MSDN article Create a Full Database Backup (SQL Server), at

Select the database called MirageDB, and use the Full backup type. Note the location of the backup file.

Verify that you have the following information available from the server config file.

Database server name

Credentials for the database server

Horizon Mirage server cache directory location

Cache size


Stop Horizon Mirage services.


Back up the Horizon Mirage database.

Double-click the C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage Management Server\sysreport_full.cmd file to run a full sysreport in Horizon Mirage

Use SQL Server Management Studio.


Take snapshots of all Horizon Mirage storage volumes.

Use image-based block backup, not file-based backup.


If you cannot make a snapshot, create and run a backup job for each volume's directory using any available backup program.

This process can take a significant amount of time to complete. The backup software must support Alternate Data Streams (ADS). For best results, use block-based backup programs rather than file-level backup using ADS.