You can enable the Horizon Mirage Edge server debug log to troubleshoot a problem in the Horizon Mirage Edge server.

The MirageEdgeServer log is based on the nginx.log framework.

The Edge server log is used to configure the log for any problems that might arise in the Mirage edge server. The log level for the log_level field can be one of the following values:








To be consistent with the Mirage log procedures, you can use the log_level values in a module to troubleshoot a problem with the Mirage Edge server.

For example:

tcp {
		log_level Trace;

The default log level in the mirage_edge_server.log file is Error.

log_level Error;

If you need to troubleshoot a problem in the Horizon Mirage Edge server, you enable the debug log by changing the log_level as follows:

log_level Debug;

The following are the Horizon Mirage Edge server logs that are required for troubleshooting support:

error.log - nginx error log

mirage_edge_server_backend.log - nginx start/stop logs and error logs

mirage_edge_server.log - logs from the Edge server

mirage_service.log - logs from the Mirage Edge service including authentication and http service.

Additionally, collect the Mirage client sysreport and the Mirage server sysreport for support.

For more information about the Horizon Mirage sysreports, see Generate System Reports.