You can view information about the servers connected to the Horizon Mirage Management system.

The Servers window provides information about servers in the system.

Horizon Mirage Servers Window Information




Unique server identification number configured by the Horizon Mirage Management system.


Status of the server. Up Indicates the server is available and running. Down indicates that the server is not available.


Name of the server machine.

Status duration

Amount of time that the server has been in the same status.


Number of CVDs currently connected to the server.

Max Connections

Maximum number of concurrent CVD connections allowed on the server. You can use the server configuration to configure this setting. See Configure Horizon Mirage Servers for SSL.

Use the default setting. Different server specifications allow changing this setting. For best results, consult with VMware Support before changing the default settings.


Indicates if this server is configured to have clients connect using SSL. This is a global configuration.


Port over which the Horizon Mirage server is configured to communicate with clients.


Average percentage of CPU running for this server over a 15 minute period.

Used memory (committed)

Average amount of memory in megabytes used for the server over a 15 minute period.

Physical Memory

Amount of physical memory allocated for the server.

In the Horizon Mirage Management console tree, expand the System Configuration node and select Servers.