You can define driver profiles and the rules that apply to them. The rules are used during Horizon Mirage operations to validate the endpoints that use the profiles and check which profiles to apply to specific hardware.


In the Horizon Mirage Management console tree, expand the Driver Library node, right-click Profiles, and select Add.


On the General tab, type a profile name and select the check boxes of drivers to apply in this profile.

For example, if you are building a profile for a Dell Latitude E6410, select all the driver folders that apply to that hardware family.


On the Rules tab, use the drop-down menus to create specific rules for hardware families.

For example, set the Vendor to Dell, and select the appropriate OS type.


Click Apply to test the result set that is returned by these rules.


Continue to fine-tune the rules until the result set is accurate.


Click OK.

After you define rules, no more work is necessary for them to function. If devices that meet these criteria already exist in the Horizon Mirage system, you must start a driver profile update on those systems.