When Horizon Mirage is already implemented, you can prepare new devices to be part of the organization using base layer provisioning.

The base layer provisioning process first cleans up the device files and applies an existing base layer as a common template. The device is then freshly imaged, and assigned to and synchronized with a newly created CVD.

After the Horizon Mirage client is installed on the new device, the Pending Devices panel shows the device as pending assignment, in the same way as when Centralize Endpoint applies. See Centralizing Endpoints.

The user can use the desktop, including offline work and network transitions, as usual after the Centralization processing associated with the Provisioning operation starts. The Horizon Mirage client monitors user activities and adjusts its operation to optimize the user experience and performance.

After the server synchronization is completed, the Transaction log shows a successful endpoint centralization or provisioning entry. The desktop is protected and can be managed centrally at the data center.

You can use a custom post-base layer script called post_provisioning.bat to perform certain actions after the base layer provisioning. See Post-Base Layer Assignment or Provisioning Script.

Base layer provisioning is supported for only Windows 7 base layers.


In the Horizon Mirage Management console, select Common Wizards > Base Layer Provisioning.


Select the base layer that you want to provision with, and click Next.


Select the device or devices you want to assign, and click Next.


Select an upload policy and click Next. If you do not select an upload policy, a default policy defined in the system general setting applies.


Select the device name, set the domain, and click Next.


Click Next and click Finish.

When the initialization process is complete, the device starts downloading the base layer, performs a restart operation, and applies the base layer image. Then server synchronization starts. After the provisioning is finished, the device appears in the All CVDs view.

You can monitor the provisioning progress. See Monitor Layer Assignments.

The console shows the upload progress in the Progress column of the CVD inventory list.

The user can click the Horizon Mirage icon in the notification area to view the detailed status of the upload operation.