You can use the bootable USB key to install Windows on a device.

Do not unplug the USB disk until this process is fully completed and you have Windows and Horizon Mirage installed on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 system.


Perform a one-time boot from the USB disk by choosing the correct option in the startup menu.

For example, most Dell laptops use the F12 key. Windows begins loading.

The process is very similar to a clean install of Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Install Windows.

Prompts can vary according to the version of Windows you are installing and Windows installations, if any, currently on the endpoint.



Version of Windows

Select a Professional or Enterprise edition. Horizon Mirage does not support Home editions.

Upgrade and custom (advanced)

Select the Custom (advanced) option.


Select a partition in which to install the new copy of Windows. Formatting the partition is optional.


VMware software does not modify any existing partition tables.

Windows now installs. No further user intervention is required.

In the process, the target machine restarts several times to complete the Windows install. This is normal.


After the installation is complete, log in with the following login information:



User name

The default user is TEST.


The password is: password

Administrator password

The default administrator password is: passwd1!


You can change these passwords by editing the account values in the autounattend.xml file found on the USB Key. You can use the System Image Manager (SIM) tool that comes with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) to do this.

After you login for the first time, the target machine is ready to use but might perform additional Windows operations in the background.