In rare cases, you might need the client to run a custom script after the app layer is deployed, for example, to apply a specific application license after it is installed through an app layer. This script is captured as part of the app layer.


Start the App Layer Capture wizard to complete a prescan of the reference machine.


Install the application to be captured.


Give your script a unique name with this pattern: post_layer_update_*.bat

For example: post_layer_update_myappv2_license.bat


Copy the script to %programdata%\Wanova\Mirage Service.

This path usually translates to:

c:\ProgramData\Wanova\Mirage Service (Windows 7)

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Wanova\Mirage Service (Windows XP)


Run the Finalize App Layer Capture wizard to complete the postscan and the creation of the app layer.


After the app layer is deployed to an endpoint, Horizon Mirage starts your script.