You must enable Citrix PowerShell remoting on every machine where you want to receive connections. Citrix PowerShell remoting enables connections between Integration Broker and the Citrix server farm.

Verify that the instructions you use to set up Citrix PowerShell Remoting match the version of the Citrix server farm you use.

Configure the Citrix server farm host on the Horizon Workspace Connector.


Install an SSL server certificate on each Citrix server farm host.

For information about how to install an SSL server certificate, see the Microsoft documentation.


Click Properties and verify that Server Authentication is enabled for the certificate.


Enable Citrix PowerShell Remoting.


Open Citrix PowerShell Module > Program Files.


Type the set-executionpolicy remotesigned command.


Type the Import-Module command.

Import-Module C:\Program Files\Citrix\PowerShell Modules\Citrix.XenApp.Commands.Remoting\Enable-XAPSRemoting.ps1

If the Citrix PowerShell modules are not installed in the default location, replace the default path with the path that is used in your environment.


Type the Enable-XAPSRemoting command.

After you configure Citrix PowerShell Remoting, continue installing Integration Broker, Integration Broker Server, and Citrix-based application support.