To use View with Horizon Workspace, you must join the Active Directory domain and sync with the View Connection Server.

Verify that VMware View is installed. For information about specific View versions that are supported by Horizon Workspace, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes at

Deploy and configure View to use the default port, 443. You can also use custom port numbers.

Deploy and configure View pools and desktops with entitlements set for Active Directory users and groups.

Ensure that you create the View pools as a user with administrator permissions on the root folder in View. If you give the user administrator permissions on a folder other than the root folder, Horizon Workspace will not recognize the SAML you configure in View or be able to query the View pools and entitlements. You cannot configure the pool in Horizon Workspace.

Deploy and configure Horizon Workspace.

Enable the UPN attribute on Horizon Workspace on the User Attributes page.

Configure SAML authenticator on the View Connection Server. You must always use the Horizon Workspace FQDN on the Authenticator configuration page.

Verify that you have a DNS entry and an IP address that uses reverse lookup for each View Connection Server in your View setup. Horizon Workspace requires reverse lookup for View Connection Servers, View Security server, and load balancer. If reverse lookup is not properly configured, the Horizon Workspace integration with View fails.

Sync Active Directory users and groups with View Pool entitlements to Horizon Workspace. You can use the Horizon Workspace Setup wizard to sync users and groups, or go to the Directory tab in the configurator-va virtual machine.


If you are using a third-party IdP and a Smart card or non-Horizon Workspace authentication module, you must disable Enable SSO on the View Pools tab to enable authentication.

To use View with Horizon Workspace, you must join the same Active Directory domain where the View Connection Server is joined.

Each time you change information in View, such as add an entitlement, add a user, and so on, you must force a sync to propagate the changes to Horizon Workspace.

Ensure that you select the Enable SSO function on Horizon Workspace Connector Administrator Web interface.