You must integrate your multi-forest Active Directory environment with Horizon Workspace 1.8 after installation. Each forest must connect with a dedicated connector-va virtual machine. To set up a path between the new connector-va virtual machine and each forest in your environment, you create an unconfigured connector-va virtual machine.

Deploy Horizon Workspace with one Active Directory.

Create a connector-va virtual machine to point to a single forest by running the addvm command.


Log in to the configurator-va virtual machine as the administrator.


From the command line, run the addvm command using the following parameters and values.


Set the activateOnly parameter to y to create a connector-va virtual machine. If the activateOnly parameter is set to n, the addvm command copies an old or existing Active Directory instead of creating a new connector-va virtual machine.

After the addvm command runs, configure the connector-va virtual machine Web user interface.