You can configure the Horizon Workspace Preview server to preview Microsoft Office documents when you use the Horizon Workspace Web interface.


You can install Microsoft Windows Preview if your company is licensed to use Microsoft Windows products.

Verify that the following software is installed.

Verify that LibreOffice is installed, even if Microsoft Windows Preview is installed. Install LibreOffice Preview.

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, 64 bit, or later. Verify that Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher are installed.

Verify that you have an administrative account with permission to create local accounts.

Turn off UAC.


See the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes at to verify version information.


Download the msi file from the Horizon Workspace downloads directory at /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/downloads/VMware-Horizon-Data-Preview-Server-buildnumber.msi.


Open the msi file and click Next.


Accept the end user license agreement and click Next.


Configure the Controller/Worker accounts. The default values are prepopulated.


(Optional) Change the Number of Worker Accounts.

The default value is five. You can change the default value using the standard, 2 x (number of CPUs) x (number of cores per CPU).


(Optional) Change the Controller/Worker Account Password.

The default password is preset to VMwarePv123!. You can change the password to meet your requirements.


If you are prompted to reboot, click Yes.

Configure the Preview feature on the data-va virtual machine to point to the Windows Preview Server.

You can change the configuration settings for the Preview Server to suit your environment.

The controller account is logged in after the reboot. This account must be logged in for the server to run. The preview server starts each time the controller account is logged in.

To complete the Microsoft Windows Preview setup, see Point the Horizon Data Server to the Windows Server.