Before you install Integration Broker, you must prepare your Horizon Workspace environment and verify that your software is installed and configured correctly.

Verify that Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 are installed with the latest updates. To check for updates, select Control Panel > Windows Update.

Install .NET Framework 3.5. When you install .NET, it installs version 3.5 as a feature. Verify that you include WCF activation.

From the Add Role Service pane, install IIS 7 with 6.0 Management Compatibility Mode. You must also install the Management Tools if this is your only IIS 7 instance.

Configure IIS 7 for Windows Server 2008 or IIS 8 for Windows Server 2012.

Configure an application pool. You can use the default application pool or create an application pool that is dedicated to Integration Broker.


See the VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes at to verify version information.


Configure the Integration Broker using the default application pool.


Click the default application pool.


Verify these requirements.

.NET framework version 2.0

Set 32-bit applications to true.


Configure Identity to use the same account as the Citrix published applications administrator.

Integration Broker uses this account to authenticate.


Right-click the application pool.


Click Identity in the Advanced Settings dialog.


Click Custom Account and click Set.


Type the credentials for the Citrix published applications administrator username and password, Domain Name username and Domain Name password.


Download and install Microsoft Visual J#® 2.0 Redistributable Package - Second Edition.


Depending on your operating system, you might need to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Microsoft Visual J#.


Download and install Citrix PowerShell SDK 6.5 from the Citrix Web site.


Check the Update the execution policy (to All Signed) check box to change the script execution policy.


If the Citrix XenApp Farm's execution policy is configured to use remote sign on, you must add your root certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. See the Microsoft Web site about adding root certificates to the store.


If the Citrix XenApp Farm's execution policy is configured to unrestricted, you do not need to add root CAs to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.


Verify that PowerShell SDK is successfully installed.


Launch PowerShell SDK as administrator.


Run the Get command.

Get-XAApplication -ComputerName CITRIX SERVER NAME 

Verify that the list includes all the applications hosted by Citrix.

Deploy and configure Integration Broker.