Your enterprise can create multiple gateways of the same type to distribute traffic and eliminate potential downtime.

Adding multiple gateway virtual machines helps your enterprise:

Improve availability to Horizon Workspace.

Load balance requests to Horizon Workspace and decrease response time to the end user.

Response time is especially important if multiple end users frequently upload and download files using the data functionality.


Obtain an IP address that is resolvable using reverse DNS.

This IP address must be set up using the same netmask, network gateway, and DNS server name that was used in the original IP pool to deploy the vApp.


Go to the configurator-va virtual machine and run the hznAdminTool addvm --type=GATEWAY --ip=New VM IP address command.


Add the new gateway to your load balancer so the requests are sent to both gateway virtual machines.

The gateway-va virtual machine buffers client requests before sending them to the data-va virtual machine. Large files that are waiting to upload are temporarily stored on this disk. Depending on the upload size limit set for your environment, the space on the buffer disk can easily exceed the maximum limit.

You can configure your load balancer to route traffic to the new gateway-va virtual machine and add additional Connector, Service, or Data virtual machines.