When you set up your Demo User Store, you determine the number of users you want to add based on your production environment. You need to add enough users so that your tests produce results that are relevant to your production environment.

You add a user to the Demo User Store by modifying the ldapusers.ldif file and running the ldapadd command on the Connector virtual machine.

To generate an encrypted password for each new user, see Generate an SSHA Encrypted Password.

You must use sAMAccountName as your Search Attribute in the Demo User Store. Horizon Workspace does not support userPrincipalName when using a Demo User Store.


Replace the value tag in the ldapusers.ldif file with your information. See the Sample ldapusers.ldif table.


Copy the ldif file to the Connector virtual machine.


Run the ldapadd command to add a new user to the Demo User Store.

/usr/bin/ldapadd -h -D cn=Manager,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com -w H0rizon! -x -f ldif file path

You can add multiple users by using different values in a single ldif file.


Restart the LDAP service.

/sbin/service ldap restart

Sample ldapusers.ldif File

Sample ldapusers.ldif

Use a unique value for each parameter.

dn: cn=value,ou=users,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com

objectClass: user

objectCategory: person

cn: value

sn: value

sAMAccountName: value

canonicalName: value

mail: value

givenName: value

distinguishedName: cn=value,ou=users,dc=test,dc=example,dc=com

objectGUID: value (For example, cd0ff02b-f9d6-4fac-a5bc-6380d1867999.)

userPassword: value (For example, {SSHA}WbipwJh13Jdy2tItppdkFMzzNVSfkqsZ.)

The salted secure hash algorithm (SSHA) is an improved version of the SHA algorithm that randomizes the hash and decreases the likelihood that the hash can be unencrypted.

Generate an encrypted password for use by your Demo User Store users.