After you configure Horizon Workspace, you can use the Configurator to update the current configuration and monitor system information for each virtual appliance. For some settings, you must use the Connector to perform specialized Connector configurations.

You can switch the configurator-va, service-va, connector-va, data-va, gateway-va, and datatemplate-va virtual machine to maintenance mode to monitor information about each virtual machine, and view the IP address, status, or relative drift of a virtual appliance. You can also update or change settings for your database, modules, FQDN and SSL certificates, and more on the following pages.

System Information

System Diagnostics

Database Connection Setup

Module Configuration

Horizon Workspace FQDN and SSL Certificates

X-Forwarded-For Header

License Key


Log File Locations

Additional information is available about connecting to Active Directory, filtering users, and Horizon Workspace modules.


Go to


Log in to the Configurator with the administrator password.


Use the left navigation pane to select the page to view.

When you change your vCenter password, you must update your password on the configurator-va virtual machine. Otherwise, when you log in to the Horizon Workspace Configurator Web interface, you can only see the System Information page.

Horizon Workspace exports application-level events to the external syslog server. Operating system events are not exported.

You can use the System Diagnostics tool to identify application-specific issues and connectivity with integrated components. The information the tool provides includes the results of different diagnoses performed on each virtual machine in your deployment, as well as basic data points that enable you to troubleshoot your Horizon Workspace environment.

Verify that the settings or updates you made are in effect.