You create queries to filter users from a large group. The results of the query make it easier to select only the users to synchronize to Horizon Workspace.


Create an exclude filter with the base DN.


Type the DN where the users are located. For example, to include all the users in the base DN for Company A's Active Directory, use the following query.



Create filters to exclude users you do not want to sync to Horizon Workspace using this syntax.

name contains John Smith


Create an include filter with base DN user attributes.


Enter the DN that contains the users and append a semicolon (;) after the user base DN.


After the semicolon, add attribute information to narrow your query and include only the users to sync with Horizon Workspace. For example, to include only the sales team in Company A, use the following query.


If you do not want to include additional user attributes in your query, do not use the default filter, (&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)).

After you create and run your query, you synchronize the users you selected with Horizon Workspace.