Before you deploy Horizon Workspace, you configure the network, SSL, and vCenter extension.

The Configurator virtual appliance interface guides you through the basic configuration. After the basic configuration is finished, you must perform more advanced configurations. You can return to the Configurator's virtual appliance interface at any time to update these settings or to perform other configurations. For information about setting the advanced configurations, see Advanced Configuration for Horizon Workspace Virtual Machines.


During deployment, leave the virtual appliances powered off. After deployment, the deployment process powers on the virtual appliances . If the virtual appliances are already on, an error occurs.

Log in to vSphere Client.

Verify that the vCenter administrator has privileges to the Horizon Workspace vApp or the resource pool that contains the Horizon Workspace vApp. See the vCenter Server 5.1 Documentation Center.

Verify that you know the SMTP server name. To change your SMTP settings after you install Horizon Workspace, see the Horizon Workspace Files Command Line Interface Guide.


Select the vApp you deployed and expand it.


Select the configurator-va virtual machine and click the Console tab.


Press Enter to start the configuration.

If an error occurs, you might have a problem with your IP Pools.


If an error occurs, when prompted, select no.

This option shuts down the virtual machine. After you resolve the IP pool errors, you can return to the Configurator's virtual appliance interface. When you select yes on the Summary page, the configuration resumes from the point where you stopped.


Respond to the prompts with information specific to your deployment.



Global root password

Type and confirm the global root password to use for all five virtual appliances in Horizon Workspace.

SMTP server name

Type the SMTP server name.

SMTP port number

Type the SMTP port number.

vCenter IP address

Type the vCenter IP address.


The Configurator virtual appliance registers a vCenter extension and queries the vCenter server periodically to check the status of the other virtual machines in the vApp.

vCenter port number

Type the vCenter port number.

vCenter admin username

Type the vCenter administrator's username. The vCenter administrator needs privileges only to the Horizon Workspace vApp or the resource pool that contains the Horizon Workspace vApp.

vCenter admin password

Type and confirm the vCenter administrator's password.

Is this correct?

Type y if all of the information is correct.

You must configure the SMTP server to allow the data-va virtual machine to send emails and alerts.

In an environment with heavy traffic, a vCenter Server quiesce timeout problem can occur that might cause your deployment to fail.

If you deploy Horizon Workspace multiple times after failures or upgrades, Horizon Workspace creates multiple extensions in vCenter. If you do not remove the unused extensions, errors can occur.

The Configurator virtual appliance processes your information. Depending on your network speed, this process can take 30 minutes or more.

If a networking error occurs and the hostname cannot be uniquely resolved using reverse DNS, the Configurator process stops. You must fix the networking problems and reboot the configurator-va virtual machine. Then, you can continue with the deployment process. The new network settings are not available to the Configurator until after you reboot the configurator-va virtual machine.

Configure the Horizon Workspace setup.