You can connect to Horizon Workspace from an Active Directory that uses single or multiple domains in a single or multiple forest environment. For each environment, you perform different configuration tasks when you establish a connection to Active Directory.

During the initial set up of Horizon Workspace 1.8, you establish a connection between Horizon Workspace and an Active Directory instance that is a single or multiple domain environment in a single forest. If your environment uses multiple forests and you plan to connect to Active Directory in a multi-forest environment, you must create a new connector-va virtual machine to connect with each forest. You configure your multi-forest environment after the initial set up, or later, after testing is complete. See the list below for more information:

To establish a connection between a multi-forest Active Directory and Horizon Workspace, see Configuring Horizon Workspace in a Multi-forest Active Directory Environment.

For information about the global catalog and multiple domains in a single Active Directory forest, see Configuring a Multidomain Active Directory Single Forest.

To create multiple connector-va virtual machines, of the same type, in your single or multiple domain environment in a single forest for load balancing or failover, see Create Multiple connector-va Virtual Machines.