You must configure the Chrome browser if Kerberos is configured for your Horizon Workspace deployment and if you want to grant users access to the Web interface using the Chrome browser.

Kerberos authentication works in conjunction with Horizon Workspace on Windows operating systems.


Do not implement these Kerberos-related steps on other operating systems.

Configure Kerberos.

Since Chrome uses the Internet Explorer configuration to enable Kerberos authentication, you must configure Internet Explorer to allow Chrome to use the Internet Explorer configuration. See Google documentation for information about how to configure Chrome for Kerberos authentication.


Test Kerberos functionality by using the Chrome browser.


Log in to the Connector at https://Horizon Workspace FQDN.

If Kerberos authentication is successful, the test URL connects with the Web interface.

If all related Kerberos configurations are correct, the relative protocol (Kerberos) secures all interactions between this Chrome browser instance and Horizon Workspace. Users can use single sign-on access to Horizon Workspace.