Horizon Workspace Manager virtual machines access the global catalog and other Web services on the Internet. If your network configuration provides Internet access through an HTTP proxy, you must adjust your proxy settings on the Manager (service-va) virtual machine.

Enable your proxy to handle only Internet traffic. To ensure the proxy is set up correctly, set the parameter for internal traffic to no-proxy within the domain.


Log in as the root user to the Manager (service-va) virtual machine. See Configure Basic Horizon Workspace Settings for more information about the global root password.


Run the YaST utility from the service-va virtual machine's command line.


Select the Network Services tab and select the Proxy page.


Enter the correct proxy URL in the HTTP field.



Enter the correct proxy URL in the HTTPS field.



Restart tcserver on the service-va virtual machine to use the new proxy settings.

/etc/init.d/horizon-frontend restart

Repeat these steps on each service-va virtual machine in your vApp to configure the proxy.

The global catalog and other Web services are now available to Horizon Workspace.