To maximize performance for Horizon Files service, you can add a new data-va virtual machine.


It is recommended that each data-va virtual machine serve no more than 1,000 users. If your deployment includes multiple data-va virtual machines with 1,000 users each, you must configure all the other virtual machines using the requirements shown in the Recommended Virtual Machine Requirements table. See System and Network Configurations Requirements for more information.


Obtain an IP address that is resolvable using reverse DNS.

You must set this IP address using the same netmask, network gateway, and DNS server name used in the IP pool to deploy the vApp.


Go to configurator-va and run the addvm command.

hznAdminTool addvm --type=DATA --ip=New VM IP address

The new data-va virtual machine is now in maintenance mode.


Enable Preview functionality for the new data-va virtual machine.


Log in to the new data-va virtual machine as the root user.


Set the proxy information, if you use a proxy, to reach the Internet.

export http_proxy=proxy url:port


Download and install LibreOffice by running /opt/zimbra/libexec/

If you use Microsoft Windows Preview Server, run the zmlocalconfig command to configure the new data-va virtual machine to point to the Microsoft Windows Preview Server.


LibreOffice must be installed, even when Microsoft Windows Preview is installed.


Restart each existing data-va virtual machine after it is added.


Change to the Zimbra user after LibreOffice installation is complete.

su - zimbra


Type zmmailboxdctl restart to apply the change to the data-va.


Go to each gateway-va and run the memcached restart command.

/etc/rc.d/memcached restart


Go to the Configurator Web interface at https://configurator-va hostname and open the System Information page.


Find the virtual machine you added on the System Information page and click Exit maintenance mode.

The new data-va virtual machine is ready to use.

Modify the COS host pools from the Administrator Web interface. See Horizon Workspace Administrator's Guide.