An optimal Microsoft Windows desktop experience provides persistence of user data, settings, and profiles in the end users' virtual desktops. To provide this persistence in the end-user virtual desktops delivered by a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, you must deploy and configure VMware User Environment Manager™ software. Then you use the User Environment Manager™ capabilities with folder redirection to achieve this persistence.

A Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment uses the VMware next-generation desktop and application delivery platform known as JMP (Just-in-Time Management Platform). JMP is a set of VMware technologies that deliver Just-in-Time desktops and applications. The JMP technologies applicable in a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment are:

VMware Instant Clone Technology, providing fast desktop provisioning for your environment's virtual desktops

App Volumes, providing real-time application delivery into those desktops

User Environment Manager, providing contextual policy management

User Environment Manager provides various options for achieving the persistence of end-user data, settings, and profiles of virtual desktops. For a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, the best practice is using User Environment Manager with folder redirection. A pre-defined configuration is available from VMware. For details about this pre-defined configuration along with the best practices for using App Volumes and User Environment Manager with your environment, see the document titled VMware App Volumes with Horizon Cloud Application Delivery Best Practices and Operations Procedures at This document also includes detailed information on the installation and setup of User Environment Manager for use with Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure.

You install User Environment Manager on premises. User Environment Manager is straightforward to set up, requiring the installation of management console software, creation of two network file shares, and configuration of group policy objects (GPOs) on the user organizational unit (OU). You can download the software from the Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure downloads page at The management console runs on Windows. You can install it on a Windows VM running on your Horizon Cloud Node or on a Windows VM or machine from which you want to manage User Environment Manager.

In addition to the best practices white paper, other useful sources of information about User Environment Manager are:

VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 Minutes or Less VMware blog article.

User Environment Manager product documentation

User Environment Manager Deployment Considerations white paper