When you use Dell EMC VxRail as the hyper-converged infrastructure for your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure deployment, you can use the Dell EMC VxRail marketplace to install and configure the Horizon Air Link appliance. When the appliance is deployed and powered on, you use it to connect to the VMware hosted service, Horizon Cloud, and begin the Horizon Cloud Node configuration process.


In VxRail Manager Extension, click Configuration.


Click Market.


Click Install in the Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure option.

If necessary, use the filter and scroll function to locate the option.


Finish the Install Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure form.


In the Virtual machine name text box, enter a name for the Horizon Air Link instance.


In the Network drop-down menu, select vCenter Server Network.


Complete the text boxes in the form specific to the vCenter Server instance.

If you use DHCP to configure the Horizon Air Link, leave the IP address, Netmask, Default Gateway, and DNS Server text boxes blank. If a proxy server is required to reach the Internet, provide the proxy server settings.


Click Install.

A Horizon Air Link instance is installed and the name you provided for it is listed on the Market page under the Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure option.


Click Manage for the new application.

The Horizon Air Link appliance is ready to start the Horizon Cloud Node setup process.

Continue setting up this Horizon Cloud Node by:


Using a browser and navigating to the URL displayed in the Horizon Air Link appliance, such as https://HAL-IP-address:8443, using the IP address of the appliance.


Following the steps as described in Configure One or More Horizon Cloud Nodes.