To add ESXi hosts to an existing data center, you must repeat several previous installation steps as prerequisites, such as the ESXi installation steps.

These instructions describe how to expand the cluster you created earlier, as described in Install Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure on a vSAN Ready Node Cluster.

To prepare for the expansion of the vSAN Ready Node cluster capacity, allocate new IP addresses for each node that you plan to add to the vSAN, vSphere vMotion, and management networks. See Overview of a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure Installation for information helpful in creating a plan for adding IP addresses. For example, you must properly configure DNS entries for hosts in routed networks, such as the management network.

Install additional ESXi hosts. See Install VMware ESXi on Each Server.

Configure initial networking on the additional ESXi hosts. See Configure Initial Networking on ESXi Hosts.

Prepare disks. See Prepare Disks.


The procedures for expanding cluster capacity with additional vSAN Ready Node hardware are similar to the procedures performed initially to build the cluster.


You must move the newly created hosts into the existing vSphere cluster.


Update the HA cluster admission criteria to maintain the current level of cluster-node redundancy.