On the Infrastructure page, you can view and edit details such as status, location, and Horizon Cloud Node IP address for a deployed Horizon Cloud Node environment. The Infrastructure page is available from the Settings icon.

Horizon Cloud Node Environment Details Available from the Infrastructure Page

Environment Details


Details about the Horizon Cloud Node installed virtual appliance

By default, the Infrastructure page displays the status, name, location, type, and assigned IP address from the desktop network.


This IP address was formerly referred to as the tenant appliance IP address or tenant IP address. You might see the labels in the Administration Console reflecting that prior name.

You can view the management and desktop networking information by selecting the checkbox next to the listed Horizon Cloud Node and clicking Edit.

In the Edit window, you can optionally customize the name, location, and description.

Details about the desktops

You can view details about the environment's virtual desktops by clicking the name in the Appliance column.

In the Summary section, you can see appliance status, location, total number of allocated desktops, and available desktop capacity. Place the cursor over these values to see further details for each. You can also see the available disk space capacity and number of active sessions.

The Summary also shows the current software version running in the appliance, and whether an update is available. Clicking the software version hyperlink displays a window that describes the most recent features provided in that version.

The Allocated Desktop Model section displays a list of the desktop models that are provided in a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, details about each one, and the number allocated for each type.