Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure consists of a cloud service and on-premises equipment.

Horizon Cloud is a control plane that VMware hosts in the cloud. This cloud service enables the central orchestration and management of virtual desktops and applications on an on-premises infrastructure.

Horizon Cloud Service Architecture

VMware is responsible for hosting the service and providing feature updates and enhancements for a software-as-a-service experience.

The cloud control plane also hosts a common management user interface called Horizon Cloud Manager, also referred to as the Horizon Cloud Administration Console, and Administration Console for short. The Horizon Cloud Manager is accessible from all major browsers and provides IT administrators a single location for managing desktop images, applications, user data, profiles, and assignments. The Horizon Cloud Manager is accessible from anywhere at any time, providing maximum flexibility.

A Horizon Cloud Node environment uses a bootstrap appliance named Horizon Air Link to pair with the Horizon Cloud service. You deploy that appliance in your hyper-converged infrastructure. After you deploy the Horizon Air Link appliance, Horizon Air Link orchestrates the initial setup and pairing with the cloud control plane for ongoing management and communication. The Cloud Connector component provides connectivity to the cloud without requiring a dedicated site-to-site VPN.

Horizon Cloud Node diagram

After the initial pairing is complete, Horizon Air Link begins configuring the supported hyper-converged infrastructure as a Horizon Cloud Node environment. After the Horizon Air Link completes configuring the environment, the following virtual appliances are running in the on-premises infrastructure:

Horizon Air Link (boot appliance).

smartnode-sm1 (Horizon Cloud Node management appliance). The actual name of this appliance is automatically generated by the Horizon Air Link during the configuration process.

Management services, App Volumes, the Cloud Connector, and the Instant Clone engine are installed in the single management virtual appliance.

As appropriate for your organization's needs, you can also use Unified Access Gateway appliances to enable access to desktops by your end users who are external to your corporate network.

End users can use the following devices or methods to access desktops provided by a Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment.

Windows, OS X, Chrome, Linux, iOS, or Android Horizon Clients.

Horizon Thin Clients

HTML Access using a supported browser.