You use the Settings icon to navigate to pages for working with general settings, working with roles and persmissions, working with utility virtual machines (VMs), uploading certificates, managing storage-related items, configuring two-factor authentication, and working with settings related to the deployed Horizon Cloud Node environment.

Click the Settings icon to access these pages in the Administration Console.

User Interface Page


General Settings

Displays settings for networks, domains, and so on. You can edit settings from this page, and upload certificates. See Edit General Settings for details.

Active Directory

View and edit Active Directory details. See Register Your First Active Directory Domain with Your Horizon Cloud Node for details.

Roles & Permissions

Edit roles and permissions. See Assign Roles to Users for Administration Console Access.

Utility VMs

Displays virtual machines (VMs) that are used for infrastructure services like DHCP. Usually a VM is listed on this page when you have moved it from the Imported VMs page. See Utility VMs Page.


Displays details about your environment's App Volumes Manager instance, the vCenter Server instance, and configured file share. You can work with the configured file share from this page. See Locations Page.

Storage Management

Delete AppStacks or writable volumes from the datastore, for example to clean up disk space.


View details about the deployed Horizon Cloud Node environment such as its location, type, desktop models, remaining capacity, and IP addresses. You can also edit the name and description of the Horizon Cloud Node. See Infrastructure Page.

Getting Started

Opens the Getting Started wizard. See Getting Started Wizard for Your Horizon Cloud Node Environment for details.

2 Factor Auth

Configure two-factor authentication for end users. See Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for Your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure Environment.