You must obtain several items before you can build a master virtual machine (VM) that conforms to the Horizon Cloud environment's requirements.

Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure supports using Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 10 (x86 and x64) as the guest operating system.


Take a snapshot after each main step so that you can revert to a known state if a problem occurs.


Create a VM that has the Windows guest operating system that you want for your virtual desktops.

Use vSphere Web Client and vCenter Server, VMware Fusion® Pro, or VMware Workstation Pro™ to create a virtual machine and install the Windows guest operating system on it.

Build the master VM with a single virtual disk. Use hardware version 11 for vSphere 6.x environments.


When creating a master VM that you intend to use in the New Image workflow, a best practice is to use a single socket, single core master VM. If you have a master VM with multiple sockets and cores and you select it in the New Image workflow along with selecting the Standard Desktop Model, which specifies a single socket and core, the system automatically reconfigures the master VM to reduce the number of sockets and cores to one. This reduction might introduce instability on running virtual machines.

When allocating RAM for the master VM, avoid choosing an overly conservative setting and take into account that insufficient RAM allocations can cause excessive Windows paging. Excessive Windows paging can generate I/O that causes significant performance degradations and increases storage I/O load. Configure video RAM in the master VM by editing the VM's hardware settings when it is powered off.

Avoid joining the master VM to a domain. If the master VM is joined to a domain, unexpected results can occur when the system's VMware Instant Clone technology uses the domain-joined master VM to create the end users' virtual desktops.


Using the Administration Console, download the DaaS SSL bootstrap.

This file is used in the bootstrap process that allows the VM's guest operating system and the Horizon Cloud Node to pair with each other securely.


Click Inventory > Images.


On the Images page, select ... > Download Bootstrap.


In the download window, enter and re-enter a password of 8-20 ASCII characters containing at least one each of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, and symbol (!@#$%^&*).

Do not use non-ASCII characters in the password. Make a note of this password for future use.


Click OK to save the bootstrap file in a safe location for later use.


Find the IP address of the Horizon Cloud Node by navigating to Settings > Infrastructure in the Administration Console.

The Horizon Cloud Node IP address that is assigned from the desktop network is used in configuring the DaaS agent that is installed and configured in the master VM.

Configure the master VM by following the steps in Configure the Master Virtual Machine.