You use the Getting Started wizard to perform the configuration steps that are needed before you can fully manage and use the environment, such as registering an Active Directory domain. The Getting Started wizard displays when you log in to the Administration Console the first time after configuring a Horizon Cloud Node.

After you have finished registering one Active Directory domain, then you can perform administration tasks using the Administration Console, as well as register additional Active Directory domains, as appropriate for your organization's needs.

The Getting Started wizard provides a high-level overview of the work that you have done, and what is still to do. You can access the wizard at any time by clicking the Getting Started wizard icon icon in the top right corner of the page.


To ensure that you completed all tasks required to run and manage the environment, review the steps in Suggested Workflow. You cannot perform certain tasks from the Getting Started wizard, such as uploading certificates.

Getting Started Wizard Selections




Displays details for the Horizon Cloud Node that is associated with the console's logged-in session.

General Setup

Provides details and links for configuring an Active Directory domain, roles and permissions, and file share registration. See General Setup Section of the Getting Started Wizard.

Desktop Assignment

Provides links to pages where you can convert an image to a desktop, and create a desktop assignment. See Creating Desktop Assignments.

App Assignment

Provides links to where you can create application assignments. See Creating Assignments for Applications Using AppStacks.

During ongoing administration, the wizard is a convenient launching point for navigating to the console areas to perform typical administrative tasks. When you have completed the required steps of registering at least one Active Directory domain and setting a Super Administrator user, displaying the wizard is optional. To toggle having the wizard appear every time you log in to the Administration Console, use the Show at Startup slider at the bottom of the wizard's main page.