To turn a configured master virtual machine (VM) into an assignable desktop image, use the Image page's New Image workflow. A desktop image must display the Published status on the Images page before you can assign to end users for their virtual desktops.

Verify that a master VM is available in your environment. See Export the Master Virtual Machine as an OVA File and Copy to Your File Share.

Verify that the Imported VMs page indicates that the master VM is powered on (green status).


In the Administration Console, select Inventory > Images and click New.


Enter the required information.




Start typing the first few letters of the master virtual machine name. All desktops that the system can convert to an image appear. Select the name when it appears.


It can take approximately 10 minutes after the master VM is imported from the file share for the inventory to display.

After you select a desktop name, the Image Name text box is auto-populated.

Image Name

You can edit the auto-populated image name in this text box.


Select the Active Directory domain that you want to use with this desktop image. The Active Directory domains that are registered to this Horizon Cloud Node appear in the list.

Company Name

Type an identifying name.


Retain the default.


Click Publish.

The publishing process takes several minutes to complete. The page displays the In Transition status during this process. You can use the refresh icon to see the latest status.

If the process is successful, the image's status is Published. Also, the Imported VMs page no longer displays the master VM now that it has been converted to a desktop image.

If the publish operation fails, select Monitor > Activity and locate the failed job. Correct the problem, then retry the publish operation by selecting the check box next to the image, clicking ... > Convert to Desktop. Then click New, enter the required information, and click Publish to publish the image.


Do not restore a master VM to a snapshot taken before the DaaS Agent bootstrapping process and then try to convert it to a desktop. If the agent has already been bootstrapped, reverting the virtual machine to a snapshot prevents the agent from communicating properly.