You might want to manually clear off the internal parent VMs that the VMware Instant Clone technology creates on an ESXi host prior to putting that host into maintenance mode.

These steps outline how to clear off the internal parent VMs using the vSphere Web Client with an on-premises system that has vSphere 6.5 or later.


If your system is built using vSphere 6.0.n, you cannot use the vSphere Web Client to perform these steps because the Custom Attributes widget which is not visible in the vSphere Web Client for versions 6.0.n. Instead, for vSphere 6.0.n systems, use the vSphere Client and in step 3, navigate to the host's Summary tab and its Annotations widget and click Edit to change the value of the InstantClone.Maintenance attribute.


Use the vSphere Web Client to connect to your Horizon Cloud Node's vCenter Server 6.5.n environment.


Select the host.


Navigate to Summary > Custom Attributes and click Edit.


Set the InstantClone.Maintenance attribute's value to 1.

The system automatically starts deleting the parent VMs that are on the host. When the parent VMs on the host are deleted, the value for InstantClone.Maintenance changes to 2. During this time, the clones remain available for use but new clones are no longer created on the host.

The internal parent VMs are cleared off of that host.