When you create desktop assignments, you assign an initial capacity of desktops. As the user population changes, you might need to expand or shrink a desktop assignment. You can expand an assignment to add additional desktops. You can shrink an assignment to free up capacity to be used elsewhere, for example, when users no longer need to access those resources. The method for increasing and decreasing desktop assignment capacity varies depending on whether the desktop assignment type is floating or dedicated.

Increasing the capacity of a desktop assignment refers to adding desktops to the assignment. You can add desktops by editing the desktop assignment, floating or dedicated, to increase the Capacity setting. See Edit an Assignment. You can expand an assignment up to the maximum hardware capacity of your Horizon Cloud Node. After you make the changes, the system starts creating the new desktops. Progress can be monitored from the Desktops and Activity tabs of the desktop assignment. See View an Assignment.

The method to decrease capacity varies depending on the desktop assignment type.

Desktop Assignment Type


Floating Desktop Assignment

To reduce a floating desktop capacity, edit the desktop assignment and change the capacity to the new, smaller, number. The system starts to delete desktop virtual machines that are not needed.

If the new requested capacity is smaller than the number of available desktops due to users being currently logged on or because they have disconnected sessions, the assignment reduction is prevented and an error message appears.

To shrink the assignment in this situation, you must first wait for, or force, the users to fully logoff, before you adjust the pool capacity. Alternatively, you can shrink the capacity by a smaller amount to remove any currently unused desktops.

Dedicated Desktop Assignment

Because dedicated desktop assignments are mapped to specific users when they first connect, you cannot simply reduce the capacity of the assignment. Such an action would not provide instructions to the system about which desktops to delete.

To reduce the size of the dedicated assignment, from the Desktops tab, select the check box next to the desktops you want to delete. You can delete desktops that are unassigned or desktops that have been assigned to a specific user. Then select > Delete.

A confirmation dialog box appears.

After you delete the desktops, the assignment size automatically decreases. You do not need to edit the pool settings to reduce the desktop assignment size.


You cannot delete a desktop that has an active, or disconnected, session. Users must be fully logged off before you can delete the desktop.

If you want the desktop to be used by another user, but want to keep the same capacity, you can select the check box next to the desktop and select > Unassign.