You can create writable volume assignments to provide users with desktop sessions in which their user-installed applications persist. A writable volume assignment provides a user with an assigned persistent virtual disk where information about the applications they install during their session is kept for use in future sessions.


In the Administration Console, click Assign.


Click New.


In the New Assignment dialog box, click Get Started for the Writable Volumes Assignments option.


Provide the required information to configure the writable volume assignment.



Assignment Name

Unique name for this new assignment.


Select the correct operating system from the drop-down menu.

Computer Name Prefix

(Optional) The prefix limits the desktop to which the writable volume attaches. The writable volume attaches to the first desktop the user logs in to.


Default type is UIA for user-installed applications. Applications that users install appear on the desktop across sessions.


Specify the size of the writable volume in GB.

The default size of a writable volume is 5 GB. You can change this default value while creating the writable volume, but not after.


Click Next.


In the Active Directory Search text box, start typing the name of a user or group from your Active Directory.


Select a user or group from the list.


Search for and select additional users or groups, and click Next.


On the Summary page, confirm that the information is correct, and click Submit.

The new writable volumes assignment appears on the Assignments page. You can click the new writable volumes assignment to view its details.

After you create a writable volume assignment, you can manage the assignment, such as viewing, editing, or deleting it. See Managing Assignments. If you delete a writable volume assignment using the Assignments page, you should also delete the underlying writable volume from the system using the Storage Management page. See Delete a Writable Volume.