To perform administrative tasks in the environment, you use the cloud-based Administration Console. This user interface provides an integrated view and centralized access to manage virtual desktops and applications for delivery to your end users.

The Administration Console works in an industry-standard Web browser. For the list of supported Web browser types and versions, see the Release Notes.

Before you can perform administrative tasks, you must take your Horizon Cloud Node through the steps of registering at least one Active Directory domain, joining the domain to the node, and granting the super administrator role to one of your Active Directory groups. For details, see Register Your First Active Directory Domain with Your Horizon Cloud Node.

After completing those steps, a best practice is to follow the Getting Started wizard and perform the recommended actions.

You can also register and join additional Active Directory domains to enable assignment of virtual desktops from this Horizon Cloud Node to users in those domains, as well as configure auxiliary domain bind accounts to prevent locking your administrator users out of the Administration Console if the primary bind account becomes inaccessible.