The Imported VMs page in the Administration Console lists the master virtual machines (VMs) that the system imported into the Horizon Cloud Node from the OVAs on the connected file share. Only VMs that have Microsoft Windows guest operating systems are imported.

You can perform the following actions on the listed VMs by selecting the check box next to the VM and clicking the respective action.




Rename the selected VM.

VM power and guest operating system actions

Depending on the current state of the VM, these standard VM power operations are available: power on, power off, suspend, reset. Operations on the guest operating system are: logoff, disconnect, restart, shutdown.


Delete the selected VM.

Migrate to Utility VMs

Move the VM to the Utility VMs page. See Utility VMs Page

Convert to Image

Convert the selected VM to a desktop image that the system can use to spin out the virtual desktops. The VM must have the agents installed and configured and meet the requirements as described in Creating a Desktop Image.