Before your end users can work with virtual desktops provided by your Horizon Cloud with On-Premises Infrastructure environment, you have to use the Administration Console to create desktop assignments. Before you can create a desktop assignment, you must have a desktop image in the system that the system can assign, an image in the Published state. This image is used as the operating system on the virtual desktops.

The Administration Console provides the following navigation paths to create desktop assignments. You can start from the Getting Started wizard or perform the actions using the individual Images and Assign screens. First you create the image using the New Image workflow, and then you create a desktop assignment referencing that image.


From the Getting Started wizard

From any location in the Administration Console

Create the image using the New Image workflow. See Convert a Desktop to an Image Using the New Image Workflow.

Desktop Assignment > Create Image > New

Inventory > Images > New

Create the desktop assignment. See Create a Dedicated or Floating Desktop Assignment.

Desktop Assignment > Create New Desktop Assignment > New

Assign > New > Desktops