Use the Inventory icon to navigate to pages where you can work with desktop images, view the AppStacks and master virtual machines (VMs) that have been imported into the environment from the registered file shares, and convert the master VMs into desktop images.

Click the Inventory icon to navigate to these pages.




Opens the Applications page, where you can view, hide, or rename the imported AppStacks.


Opens the Images page.

At a page level, you can:

View the desktop images available in the system.

Create a desktop image.

Download the DaaS bootstrap file

Refresh the DaaS bootstrap password

When you select the check box for a specific desktop image, you can perform the following actions on it:

Rename, duplicate, delete it.

Convert to a desktop.

Assign it to an existing desktop assignment.

See Creating Desktop Assignments.

Imported VMs

Opens the Imported VMs page where you can view a list of virtual machines that the system imported from the OVAs on the file share registered with your Horizon Cloud Node. You can move VMs from this page to the Utility VMs page, according to your organization's needs. See Imported VMs Page.